School Donations & Grants

This might be the simplest and most effective educational grant you have received. There are no strings attached to how you spend the money, and we will be here to renew our support every year. In reality, it is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Just give us a call at 904.448.2464 and talk with Chris. There is no application, and he will personally connect you with the resources needed to make this a big success. Of course, we also welcome the opportunity to work with sports leagues, swim teams, churches and other organizations that play important roles in the lives of kids. If you are helping kids be healthy and active, we want to work with you.

We provide you all the expertise and materials necessary to get started – for free. This includes our in-school education programs, printed materials, posters, emails, tips and techniques to help you build awareness. We even present at PTA Meetings and organize learn-to-swim programs and bike drives for kids who need extra assistance.

The fundraising takes care of itself. We are counting on you to motivate as many kids as possible to participate in the triathlon, and we will donate $10 of each registration fee back to your school. If you are able to build a team of 40 kids from your school, we will write your school a check for $400. In fact, we have many schools who annually receive checks in excess of $1,000 to use to make their schools healthier and more active.

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