Focused Exclusively on Kids

It may sound obvious, but we are unique. At most events – whether they be triathlons or 5K’s -- kids are an afterthought. Their race is tagged-on at the end when most of the excitement is over. Most folks are headed home even before the kids get to start.

More importantly, the courses are not designed for kids with safety as the top concern. For example, we require completely closed roads throughout all our events, and we only offer pool swims. The minds of kids work in mysterious ways, and we want to make sure they are safe regardless of what they are thinking.

Because of our focus on kids, our events also attract huge numbers of adults – as spectators and fans. In fact, we average 4 fans for every participant. This has a huge impact on the design of our courses – from parking to viewing areas – and it has also caused us to develop the following guidelines to help everyone have a great time.

With this many people on-hand, we do everything possible to design a course that is safe and provides spectators with the opportunity to see “their athletes” swim, bike, run and finish. However, it will take some moving around to see everything. Here are a few important details all spectators will need to know:

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