First Coast Kids Triathlon


This program has quickly become one of the hallmarks of the First Coast Kids Triathlon. During 2019, it will enable us to engage more than 20,000 students across North Florida in discussions about the importance of being healthy, active and responsible. And, it will result in donations of more than $15,000 back to schools to support their on-going efforts to motivate kids to exercise every day and watch what they eat.

The primary goal of these programs is to encourage kids to do something healthy and active with their friends. Most participants in the First Coast Kids Triathlon are first-time triathletes, though more than 80% of the kids elect to participate again the next year. Every finisher gains a huge sense of accomplishment, and everyone involved experiences a tremendous amount of pride. For the first time, many kids are able to represent their school and to help it earn money to fund new equipment and new programs.

Some Important Details

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