Everything we do is focused on helping kids experience the benefits of a healthy, active and responsible lifestyle. Triathlon truly is one of the few sports you can play for your entire life, and we want to help kids build these healthy habits at a young age.

Accordingly, every child between the ages of 6 and 15 is eligible to participate (please see below for an explanation of the USATriathlon Age Rules). If anyone within this age range has the interest and desire, we will do everything possible to help them become a triathlete. As a starting point, kids need to be able to swim 4 laps in a pool and ride their bikes (without training wheels) for about 20 minutes. If they can do these two things, they are ready to become triathletes. If they are not ready right now, no worries. We can help them prepare.

Please keep in mind the race distances are set to be challenging, yet achievable. We follow the distances recommended by USATriathlon as follows:

For Juniors (ages 6-10):  Swim is 100 yards; Bike is 3 miles; Run is 1/2 mile
For Seniors (ages 11-15): Swim is 200 yards; Bike is 6 miles; Run is 1 mile

To help kids learn and prepare, we offer a wide array of support programs, including:

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USATriathlon Age Rules

As an event that is sanctioned by USATriathlon, we are required to follow their rules. One of these rules governs age. This means our event is open to kids ages 6 to 15. However, it is not quite that simple. USAT does not go by the age of the athlete on race day. Instead, your triathlon age is your age as of 12/31 of the current year.

For our 2016 event, this means that all kids will race at their age as of 12/31/16. For example, if your child was born during October 2008, they will be 7 on race day, however, they will actually be an 8 year-old triathlete for all of 2016.

This is not really that big of a deal once you understand it. However, it does impact a few different groups of kids.

First, all kids born in 2010 are eligible to participate (assuming they can swim 100 yards safely; bike 3 miles without training wheels; and run). For example, we will have many kids who are actually 5 on race day. However, they are 6 year-old triathletes because they will turn 6 before the end of the year.

Second, kids born in 2000 are not eligible to participate. There will be some kids who are 15 on race day, but they will turn 16 before the end of 2016. As a result, they are officially 16 year-old triathletes, and they are no longer able to participate in kids triathlons.

Finally, kids born in 2005 need to pay close attention to the age rule for 2016. While the majority of these kids will be 10 years old on race day, they will all be 11 years old on 12/31/16. This makes them 11 year-old triathletes for the entire season, and it means they are racing in the Senior Division (and longer race distances). We do make exceptions for first-time triathletes who want to start with the shorter distances, but we need to coordinate this in advance. Please contact our Event Director or Race Director to discuss this option.

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