Commitment to Pinky Swear

Since Kids Triathlon started in 2009, we have worked hard to help kids be healthy and active. At the same time, we encouraged them to accept responsibility for their own well-being. They had the power to make choices that would help them feel better and be stronger.

With the formation of our official partnership with The Pinky Swear Foundation for the 2015 season, we are giving kids the opportunity to take this commitment to responsibility to the next level. It is still very important for every child to be responsible for their own actions. At the same time, they can see first-hand how their actions can benefit kids who are unfortunately unable to become triathletes on their own.

Kids Triathlon is proud to have The Pinky Swear Foundation as part of its team. The work they do to support the families of kids with cancer is amazing. Your child's fundraising efforts will help kids with cancer in your local community. We encourage you to learn more about how Pinky Swear Foundation helps kids with cancer and their families by clicking on the button below, and we hope you join us in leveraging the power of 10,000 kids to help others.

Visit the Pinky Swear Foundation Website

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